Michael Katakis, Photographs
The British Library

Exhibition identity and graphics for Michael Katakis
at The British Library.

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To coincide with the release of their new publication, ‘Michael Katakis, Photographs and Words’, The British Library curated and hosted an exhibition celebrating the work of the American writer and photographer. The exhibition features highlights of his life-long work and world-wide travels, focusing on periods of social change or aspects of daily life in countries from the United States to Sierra Leone.

Morse Studio was commissioned to create a visual identity and internal graphics for the exhibition. Katakis’ objective approach, the economy
and purpose of his photographs, and the dignity with which he treats
his subjects informed our response. Our solution brought together carefully considered use of materials and modest typography. The gallery’s permanently fixed back-lit panels were covered in a light-block film allowing light to pass only through the typography and a set of fine vertical rules transforming the gallery into an intimate and contemplative space.

Photography by Luke Hayes.